Клапан жидкотопливный Rapa BV01 L2 без катушки

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Артикул: 13018872
Наличие товара: В наличии

13017185, 36751070, SL12805, 13018872


Клапан отсечки топлива БЕЗ КАТУШКИ для дизельных горелок Elco



Соединение G1/8"

Электромагнитная катушка 8 Вт M13


Клапан RAPA BV 01 2/2 directional shut-off valve

- directly controlled directional seat valve with solenoid operation - normally closed
- for installation in the line
- seal material suited for light heating oil

- principle of wet core, dry coil
- built-in filter protects the oil against pollution
- solenoid coils for a.c. and d.c. voltages
- solid construction
- safety shut-off valve for heating oil EL as per EN 264 - DIN approved